Home Buyers

Home Buyers

Buying Tips

  • Ensure your finance is in place and ready to go – once you identify a property that you like, you do not want to waste too much time preparing your finance after the fact.


  • Work with an Voyage Realty agent, contact our office and register your interest to purchase, by leaving the agent with the criteria of your property search. That way we will be able to keep you posted early with properties that may suit you.


  • Be optimistic when searching for your property, keep an open mind and believe that the right property will pop up, there may be occasions where you might miss the opportunity to purchase a home that you like, try not to let this discourage you, keep looking stay positive and you will almost certainly find the right property for you.


  • Seek advice from a solicitor/conveyance prior to purchasing, ask your advisor to review the contract of sale, organize a building and pest inspection (if applicable).


  • Organise a team of professionals to assist you prior to your property search, a mortgage broker, solicitor/conveyance and the help of a real estate agent that you can call for advise, will certainly make purchasing a property simple and stress free.